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How do I meet an agent?

Models/Talent can submit online or through the mail. Please visit our talent page for more information on submissions.

How do I know if I have what it takes to be a model?

The modelling world is diverse, and offers work for many different looks. As an agent it can sometimes be difficult to see who has potential as styles and trends are always changing, therefore advertising campaigns are always changing to reflect that. More important then your look is your attitude and personality. How professional and personable you are plays a large part in getting booked for work.

Do I need to take training to work as a model?

Not always, but training can be an advantage in such a competitive business. Many clients will not book models who are beginners with no expereince unless they know at least some of the basics. The knowledge and skills gained through professional training such as good posture and increased confidence can be applied to other endeavors and many areas of your life.

What is my investment in becoming a model?

There is some investment in becoming a model. For an agency to represent you, a few good pictures are needed to get you started. For those with the potential for fashion modelling a portfolio will be required. A portfolio is what you take with you for an open call/go see. It is important to keep your photos current.

What goes in my portfolio?

You only want to put the best photos in your portfolio. It is better to put two or three great photos in your portfolio then to put six or eight just ok photos. You want to show a range of different looks that you can do. One photo may be sporty another business. You want to show the client your versatility. You should always include a headshot, 3/ 4 length and a full length body shot.

If an agent wants to sign me, aren’t they supposed to pay for everything?

In specific cases, some agencies will advance funds to a model for housing and photos. This is considered a loan and must be paid back to the agency whether the model receives work or not.

JL Model Talent Management does not advance funds to new models.

Now that I’ve signed, why am I not getting any work?

Remember that we are submitting your pictures to casting directors and clients. It is not our decision who they would like to see. How busy the industry is at the moment, do you have the experience needed for the role, and if you are you what casting director is looking for; are all related to how much work you will receive.

If you get an audition, it is vital that you are on time! If you are late, chances are that casting directors will not see you. It is important that being late is not the first impression you give to the people with the power to give you work.

Remember that getting an audition is a great opportunity, and that you have already been selected over a large number of other people.

Once in the audition, it is up to you! If you have never been to an audition before, it is important to have some training because only you can land that booking. Why would a casting director hire you over someone with more experience and training? This is a business like any other business and you must know what you are doing and gain as much experience as possible to become good at your craft.

If you are not getting the amount of auditions, go sees or bookings that you would like, take some acting classes or workshops. Models can see if any photographers are doing tests shoots, do volunteer fashion shows. Get some experience to build your resume/portfolio.

What if I go on holidays?

This is called “booking out”. It is very important that you let us know well in advance if you are not available between certain dates, not the night before as we may have already submitted you for work. If you cannot make an audition or go see, we have to phone the casting director and clients and let them know you are not available. This can reflect badly on the agency and give the agency a bad name among the casting directors.

Does the agency give directions to go sees, bookings, or auditions?

Please DO NOT ask us for directions. That is your responsibility. Get yourself a good map book and plan your route ahead. We do not want to be responsible for you getting lost and being late.

When do I get paid?

Payment will vary depending on the type of work you have done, and if it was union or non-union. Please see your agent for more information.


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