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1. Keep your availability up-to-date on agency click at all times

A. In order to work you must keep your online calendar up-to-date 3-5 days in
advance and change as needed at www.agencyclick.com.

B. We will submit you for work based on your posted availability. If you are no longer available and forgot to change your status to ‘unavailable’ please let us know immediately otherwise you will be expected to make yourself available for any booking requests.

2. Respond to availability inquires in a timely fashion

A. In order to get work, we need to be able to reach you. You need a cell phone with voice mail and/or home phone with an answering machine, and an email address that you need to check often (2-3 times a day). Many of the larger jobs such as photo doubles or SAE are time sensitive, the quicker you reply the better chance you have of getting the job.

3. Maintain current personal details on agency click (photos, sizes, skills, contact Information…etc.)

A. We require a set of current photos that are an honest and clear representation of you. Photos must be in colour, well lit and taken against a neutral background. You must be alone in the photo and can not be wearing any hats, sunglasses or bulky clothing. (Professional 8x10 photos cannot be used as your primary photo for background work).


A. Head and shoulders – facing forward (Please smile :)
B. Both profiles – head and shoulders
C. Full body front and back
D. Close up of both hands – front and back
E. All tattoos (if you have any)
F. Miscellaneous photos of any vehicles or props you own and professional 8x10 headshot (Only if you have one.)

4. Accept and keep all bookings.

If you commit to a job you must show up. A no show is an instant removal from our roster.

A. When booked, you must be available for a full day (8 to 14 hours) unless otherwise instructed. Call times will come in the night before your shoot between 6:00 pm and midnight and sent to you by email. You must be prepared to be on set as early as 6:00 am the following morning.

B. Be prepared for all weather conditions I.E. umbrella, warm undergarments, proper footwear, sunscreen etc.

C. Often there is a lot of wait-time. Bring something to do I.E. Book to read, Homework, Magazine, Cards, Newspaper etc.

D. Children: If your Child is booked on set and is under the age of fifteen it is your responsibility to find a chaperone, no chaperone = no work. It is illegal to have a child under that age on set unaccompanied.

5. Read and ensure you understand all information given to you.

Always confirm you received call time information by phone at 604 587-1900 and
if you are unsure of anything please ask.

6. Be Punctual. Your Call time is when you start. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior
to your call time.

A. We do forward you any maps and directions given to us from casting; however make sure you know how to get to the location. Before heading to set always consult a map at http://maps.google.com/ if using public transit check for times locations and bus numbers at http://www.translink.ca/ Carpooling is highly recommended. Be sure to check the map the night before for parking instructions. Crew Park is for union members and permit voucher holders only. Please allow time to find parking, and always bring parking money and correct change unless instructed otherwise.

B. Always sign in upon arrival. Read the forms carefully & make sure you fill out
the correct ones. Sign in C/O Valley Extras and check the box that says “mail cheque to agent”.

You must bring the following every time you work:

1. A photocopy of your previous years Notice of Assessment (If you have misplaced your copy you may obtain another one by calling Canada Revenue Agency at: 1-800-959-8281). Without this document you will be asked to leave the set and will not be able to work as is a requirement of the production companies. If you are under age please have the parent or guardian accompanying you to set bring a copy of their Notice of Assessment (as proof of residency).

NOTE: If you do not have a Notice of Assessment you must bring 2 different Utility Bills with your name on them (Hydro, Gas) Cell phone bills will not be accepted.

2. On the back of your Notice of Assessment please copy the following:
Two pieces of government issued ID - Drivers licence or BC ID and Care Card - (all copied onto one page) ready to hand in on each day you work.

3. Your own pen to fill out the forms.

C. When signing out make sure everything is correct, I.E. lunch and wrap time, rate of pay, wardrobe, bike, rollerblades, car rental pay etc. If you believe there is an error please ask your wrangler about it in a professional manner before you leave the set.

7. Know wardrobe, hair and makeup requirements for all bookings.

A. Makeup: Come to set camera ready which means with your hair & makeup done,
and dressed in your first clothing option unless otherwise instructed.

B. Wardrobe: Arrive camera ready in your first option. Always bring three options for wardrobe unless otherwise instructed. No logos or brand names. Colors to avoid are red, white and black. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Please also bring accessories for each outfit.

C. Once you have been checked by Hair/Makeup & Wardrobe Do not make any changes.

8. Know and abide by rules of set etiquette.

A. Do not bring valuables to set. Production is not responsible for anything stolen.

B. Craft Service: There will be separate craft service (food) tables for background and crew. Do not go to the crew table. If you have food allergies bring your own food. Do not abuse craft service or take food home.

C. When…
On Set: Be very quiet and follow directions given by AD’s (Assistant Directors)
Rolling: Mime only - no talking or whispering, very soft on feet.
Cut: Stop, wait for further directions & please do not talk.

D. Never leave set or extras holding (The tent or room you wait in) without checking first with your supervisor (Extras wrangler or A.D.)

E. Do not have any friends visit you on set or in extras holding.

F. Turn off cell phones and pagers while on set (no texting).

G. If you smoke, please do so in designated smoking areas only.

H. Do not talk to the actors

I. Do not take photos on set

J. Do not repeat or share any storylines or information you acquire on set in any way (This includes verbal, written and transmission via electronic media). This will get you banned from all future sets.

K. If a situation occurs where you feel you deserve an upgrade on set, do the following:

1. Professionally check with your supervisor (Extras wrangler or A.D.)
2. Call Valley Extras at (604 587 1900)
3. Write an email or letter detailing the situation and send it to valleyextras@gmail.com or to Valley Extras: P.O. Box 208, 505-8840 210th Street, Langley BC V1M 2Y2
4. Valley extras will send it to extras casting and production.
5. Valley Extras will submit a request to a Union representative.

L. Be professional at all times. Valley Extras has built a reputation for
representing reliable performers. It is important that we maintain this reputation.
If you realize you are running late to set or have any questions or problems on
set please call us immediately at the office 604-587-1900.

9. Know the agency dismissal policy.

As agents we are required to enforce the following dismissal policies:

1. Three Strikes Rule – A warning for the first two issues with a third resulting in dismissal for the following actions:

A) Lateness
B) Failure to respond to availability inquired in a timely fashion
C) Failure to bring the required documentation, wardrobe, props, etc.
D) Failure to meet employment requirements

2. Dismissal – Immediate dismissal for the following actions:

A) No Show
B) Theft
C) Inappropriate Behaviour
D) Cancelling for other employment opportunities or auditions etc.

10. Payroll Policy

Cheques usually arrive to the agency between two to three weeks from the date you work. We then calculate the agency fees and mail you your cheque and accompanying paper work and pay stubs within 5 days.

Pay rate will always be stated when booked. Normal B.C. labour laws apply to all extra work:
Up to 8 hours Straight time
After 8 hours Time and a half
After 12 hours Double time

Please keep a file or ledger that lists the productions you have worked on so you can keep track of what you have been paid for and keep all supporting financial documents for tax purposes.


• Valley Extras office phone number: 604-587-1900
• Mailing Address: PO Box 208 #505-8840 210th Street Langley BC V1M 2Y2
• Agents: Lucas McCann /Jolienne Moore
• Email: Valleyextras@gmail.com

Additional information is available at www.ubcp.com





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